About Josh Axelrod Photographer

“I seek the poetry of our landscape, the imagery I hope to convey.”

Bio Image Josh Axelrod Photographer


Photography originates with light.  Pattern is the form, the symmetry, the composition.  Motion is an expression of time…  I consider these the essential elements of photography.  They are the pieces of the puzzle that is the creation. How and where I choose to place these pieces, a combination of my perspective and integrating elements to form the whole, is where I depend on intuition.  This is where my art is born.

From the back woods of Vermont, to the western shores of Washington; high in the Andes of Peru and deep into the wild of Alaska, I find inspiration in what is often overlooked- the simple things that blanket the earth.  Magic lives everywhere; the feathered blade of golden grass blowing in the wind, the current rippling in a mountainside stream and the ever-changing light defining the voice of those moments.

I am fascinated by how we perceive reality and how that perception determines what we see.  I seek the poetry of our landscape; the imagery I hope to convey.  The sacred moments where light, sound, color and texture harmonize make me smile…. This moment will never be seen quite the same again.

“I seek the poetry of our landscape, the imagery I hope to convey.” I trained at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2001 and exhibit nationwide and in galleries throughout Vermont.

I photograph using traditional films, but incorporate a pure carbon pigment printing process, arguably the finest photographic printing technology to date. This process produces the smoothest possible tonalities and the greatest available longevity. I print in editions of 50 to 250, insuring a limited and collectable product.

Using antique architectural woods from up and down the east, I add a finishing touch by handcrafting frames specifically for each piece.