The Poetry of the Landscape
Latest News & Updates:
In these times of great uncertainty, I try to focus on all that I have to be thankful for and part of that is you!  For 19 years, I’ve been fortunate enough that people of all walks of life have connected to what I do;  create photographs and hand-craft frames.  I’ve traveled to shows across the country, year in and year out, connecting with people like you.  For that, I am truly grateful!  At this point, my early season shows have shape shifted and the beyond is unknown.  I have posted my schedule as of current and will update as we go.  For personal/virtual tours of my latest work, please contact me.  To health, happiness and giving thanks, Josh.
Welcome to Josh Axelrod Photography! Vermont based professional fine art photographer specializes in contemplative black & white and color landscape imagery. His film photographs and handcrafted frames can be found in collections around the world.
“I seek the poetry of our landscape, the imagery I hope to convey.”